Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 careers that make employers look for you in 2009

10 careers that make employers look for you in 2009:

If you think looking for a job and finding a career are the same thing, think again. With the US unemployment rate under 5%, almost anybody can find a job.

The bad news is that many of these jobs are low-paying, come without benefits, or offer little in the way of security.

Finding a career where you have the upper hand takes a little more long-term planning than simply finding a job, but it will be well worth in the long run.

These ten careers--in four major job sectors--are likely to be rewarding because employees in these fields are expected to find themselves in an employee's market.

Healthcare workers are in high demand

For better or worse, you can't fight demographics, and those demographics show that the average American is getting older. Healthcare needs increase with age, so as the baby-boom generation enters retirement, healthcare workers are going to be in more demand than ever.

Personal/Home Health Aide:
As people age, healthcare becomes more of a day-to-day issue, which is why personal/home health aides are in such demand. Health aid training will give you enough background to get started in this field.

"Demand for medical assistance is gradually growing!"

Medical Assistants:
Demand for this occupation is growing, but so is the demand for formal training. You'd want to take some medical assisting courses in school--or even consider a medical assisting degree.

Psychologists are always in demand

Mental Health Counselors/Social Workers:

The psychological aspect of healthcare cannot be overlooked. Consistent with the theme of an aging America, Alzheimer's disease is creating more and more mental health challenges, but there are also conditions such as autism which are becoming more common in the general population.

Psychology programs are offered in many schools, and online psychology degrees are also available.

Programmers in IT sector

Information Technology

The big concern with information technology (IT) has been that some programming and customer support functions have been outsourced overseas. However, certain IT functions are more hands-on, and these are the areas where trained workers remain in demand.

Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts:

Mastery of the computer system makes you indispensable to an organization. This takes a high level of training, so a degree in information technology is a must. Experience plus training is even better, so if you are already working, consider earning an IT degree online.

Computer engineers are always in demand

Computer Software Applications Engineers:
Routine programming can be outsourced, but there will never be any substitute for the ability to create new, value-added applications.

A computer programming degree is a good start, or go online to check out other types of computer science degrees.

Teaching is the best option!


Teaching is another career that is hands-on enough to be immune to outsourcing.

Dedicated teachers are in demand in virtually every part of the country, and with the general population growing, this demand is not going to wane any time soon. You will need a degree in education, and an online teaching degree is one way of meeting this requirement. You'll need teacher's certification as well, so check your state department of education website.

Legal Assitants job is always secure!

Professional Services
The nature of these services is highly-individualized, which is one of the reasons trained professionals are in demand.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant:
These occupations are in demand because they can leverage the time of high-priced lawyers.

There are paralegal schools across the country and online where you can pursue a paralegal degree or legal assisting training.

Auditors job can always be safe!

Financial Services
The heart of the baby boom is entering its peak savings years. Careers in finance can be highly compensated, so an MBA in finance may be well worth the investment. An online finance degree can be a way to give your current career a new boost.

Accountants and Auditors:
These have some of the same characteristics as financial services careers. Training can be found at a variety of accounting schools, or consider an online accounting degree. Specialize in taxes or estate planning or fraud to attract even bigger opportunities.

Be an HR professional

With all the job demand described above, it should be no surprise that this is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the professional and business services sector. Plus, what better way to keep track of evolving employment trends than working as a recruiter or placement specialist? Consider earning a human resource management degree either online or at a traditional school.

As always, check out the relevant accreditation standards for any career training and educational program you choose. As for making that choice, the bottom line is, if you want a job where you'll be in demand, just look at society's trends and follow those trends toward your new career.