Friday, October 21, 2011

HR Day after tomorrow

Unprecedented customer expectations and alternatives, global competition, time compression, complexity, rapid change, and increased use of technology would be the vista of the future.

With high end technology empowering and ruling the future HR practices, I being from HR wittingly do not rule out the scope of Human involvement into the system. However HR practices would rather be more virtual, with process-automation prominently driving the results as just-in-time query resolution, one touch logins, eco/solar-offices, biometrics-attendance systems (flying robot-scanners continuously trawling in air for any miss).
With computers thousand times faster than now with the size of small chips, we may be exploiting reflex-intelligence computer systems taking instructions directly from our brain, We all at different locations virtually attending the meetings, virtually appear to be seating in the same room together. Further on, we may be able to do mind sharing as similar as time sharing for multitasking.

Here is a idea how Recruitment function may look like-
Candidates across the geographies may be able to apply for any job thru access cards-type CV formats. One has to show their unique CV (UCV) card before their screens and the application system will auto-scan the code and extract your CV.
The system will automatically check for relevant skills-keywords in Resumes, It will filter the best out of total applications, giving best evens with highest accuracy and that’s without any human involvement.

Behavioural, Personal & Functional Interview process will also get benefited from technology; with specially programmed computer systems, with built in visual and audio sensors assisting in pre-screening the candidates concomitantly on various factors & skill sets. Recruiter would be able to check the confidence level, communication skills thru candidate’s voice and audio variations. Thus will catalyst the results tremendously; parallely saving cost & time, which generally skim into the process now,. And HR could concentrate more on strategic works and engagement Actions.

The technology will be aiding engagement initiatives by continuously monitoring employee’s satisfaction/motivation levels thru visual (webcam) sensors based systems observing the body language, behaviour and tone of employees (Picking stress points) and then be offering the improvement areas, identifying focus groups and suggesting the type of reliever required to deploy by HR.
The future may be different from the world we are in now. Possibly, will be flying from place to place rather than driving vehicles. Computers will fit into a person’s pocket and be thousand times faster than the ones we have now. We all will not speak aloud, just text, email, and instant message each other. We may be communicating thru telepathy. Hopefully, world hunger and poverty will end. We all will belong to the same nation as world peace was founded. I will be the CEO of some worlds top MNC;)

Only time will tell what the future will hold. But it’s true that our present can only shape up our future. And being HR we hold the ability to inspire people to change in the favour of our mother earth.

Save Trees!! Save Future!!

Best Wishes!!
Abhinav Mishra