Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Recruiterrs locate talent

In the modern world you will have to be spot on to find out the best man to serve your company. There exist a lot of ways that recruiters all over the world adapt to take people. The methods vary company to company and from recruiter to recruiter. But there is one thing that is same with all the recruiters all over the world. That is how they find out people to recruit. How they locate potential candidates is the same thing everywhere. They use different types of networking. Their own networks and the networks of the people they know. They use both online and real life connections. They might use sites like Linked In to locate potential job seekers.

This will be very helpful for people who are seeking an employment. So many of us would go around saying “how am I supposed to get in touch with the recruiters?”. Well here is the answer. You don’t have to or you can’t get in touch with all the recruiters. You will have to be in touch with the recruiters those seek qualifications that you have. So you need to find out people who are actually looking for you.

The simplest way to do this, is networking. The recruiters will go and seek for people in their networks. Have a good network through proper channel so that whichever way they go they find you. If you have a strong network and the recruiter hears your name more than once then he is highly likely to consider you seriously.

As far as choosing the perfect network goes look into the type of job you seek. If it is a marketing job then you better build your network with people who are related to this ground. Or build a network with companies that are related to marketing firms. This way you can actually make your name heard by the recruiters once they spread their networking wings looking for you.