Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to attract top talent…and keep it!

How to attract top talent…and keep it!

As a recruiter I have seen plenty of great creative agencies in a bind searching for top-notch talent, and not being able to keep them. What gives??????

The issue might be in the entrance interviews where all the bells and whistles are released. Potential employees know there is more than just a list of prestigious awards, a fun culture, and great accounts. Many candidates really are smart enough to look beyond the first 6 months, and want to know what an advertising agency can offer them down the road.

Among the most important aspects is that of great leadership, which will in-turn produce great leaders. Candidates want a great mentor who can discuss their career path in complete honesty and with genuine interest. As it turns out, the quality of leadership at any company, both within the advertising industry and beyond is a make or break quality for candidates.

Don’t shy away from long-term goals and take a potential employee as seriously as they are taking you. Respect is a two way street and its much easier to keep candidates than it is to continuously cycle through them.

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