Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why work or approach a headhunter?

Why work or approach a headhunter?
It depends. You currently could have two years of working experience or maybe five years of working experience. You might have switched companies about two times now. You are wanting to know what is the current market rate of your specialization or skills. Well it all depends.

Why work with a headhunter?
When i tell people that i am a headhunter, the usual response is, ‘oh please find me a suitable job’ or ‘can you get me a new job’? I get that all the time. What the mass does not know is, a lot of headhunters are now specialized and that they work for the disposition of companies. At times the candidate but a lot of times the company. Depends on scenario and the level of the executive.

Well I do not blame them. This is the stereotype of a headhunter, ‘can u please find me a job?’ – Let me take you on a short insight.

Well maybe 30% of ‘can you fine me a job? effect’ might be true, but a lot of times people associate themselves with headhunters because of these few reasons:

Better Opportunity.
Getting a current market rate of their own specialization.
Getting an insight on their current work or career.
Exploring new opportunities.
Seeking new employment/opportunity.
Unhappy with their current employment.
Sometimes they just want more money.

Headhunters are always looking out for the best fit for their clients. Sometimes they refer to the company as the customer and the candidate as the client or vice-versa. You could receive a call from your consultant at anytime if an opportunity arises, that is if you have already developed the relationship with the headhunter. The headhunter now, after spending time with you knows your aspirations, your wants, your Skills and Strengths, your technical knowledge and is able to position you for roles when the opportunity arises hence although you are not looking for a job, you are in the headspace of a headhunter. He knows that you are THERE.

Why work/associate yourself with a headhunter?
When you see a headhunter today, you are not necessarily looking for a job. Quality and competent candidates are not usually looking for a job. A headhunter might have the right opportunity for you possibly in a month, six months or even a year hence when you see a headhunter, you are seeking a service like a very much like a consultation. We take on part advisers and counsellors. Whether or not the headhunter might have the right opportunity for you at that particular moment; cheers and good luck to you!

A lot of times when the right opportunity arises the headhunter will make contact with you thus your one hour spent with the headhunter six months ago has paid-off. The headhunter has identified your ideal opportunity and you are happy with the proposed package – the headhunter has done his/her job and the relationship has been strengthened. The headhunter is now your agent throughout your career from today and you have trust in the headhunter.

When you see a headhunter, be sure to know what you want, what you seek and also keep an open mind. You are sometimes are good at an area which you are blind too. A good headhunter who works with you might be able to pin-point certain strengths which you are blinded to. More often that is always the case. The headhunter usually thinks of the macro picture rather than the micro picture. Suppose today you are in IT and you have good skills and technical knowledge serving customers who are in the Financial Services Industries and tomorrow you could be a Lead IT Consultant within a bank with the help of a headhunter. He has identified an area and knows of a position which is well suited and tailored to your expertise. Two to three years down the road, you will work with the same headhunter and you would possibly be a Senior Executive/Manager in a company which deals with Financial Solutions. Once again the headhunter has customized you to a good job, an agent in your career change.

Keep an open mind. Be mindful about the headhunter you choose to see. The headhunter should be in the same vertical industry that you are in. It could be Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing or even Construction. Most headhunters now are industry-centric specialized.

Keep it open.

You are your worth and value, the headhunter is able to help you.


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