Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 hiring tips for startups

Be role specific

Hiring is the most important decision at startup stage. Here are some hiring tips for startups

1. Hire for a specific role and not because you are impressed by the person.

2. Don’t think of the role, write it down along with the skills and experience you’d need the person to have in order to perform well in the role.

Give comprehensive picture of the company

3. Create a clear and interesting script about your company, nature of business, future potential and how that role fits in. Use any recognition, commendation that came your way in the script.

Remember in case of startup jobs, both interviewer and aspirant are evaluating each other. You need to come across as a worthy employer.

4. If you are not sure you can assess abilities, there is no harm asking a known senior or ex-boss to sit through the interview with you.

Learn during the process, he may not come everytime.

Right information

5. Give a clear picture of your current state, strengths and limitations.

Assess the same about the candidate. Right information is key to decision making.

6. Working for startups requires abilities like initiative, selfdiscipline, cost consciousness, multitasking, resourcefulness and risk taking more than subject matter expertise.

Don't be defensive

7. Do not get defensive about your startup status. All big enterprises started out as one. Everyone works for the future; make sure you are able to define bright future loudly.

8. Ask for references and do not limit to two. Take five references, talk to all, get a feel.

Take enough time

9. Hiring is the most important decision at startup stage. Give it your enough time, prepare, read stuff and meet many candidates. Do not delegate hiring.

10. Do not hesitate to headhunt the right guy, no matter how big a company she works for currently. You’ll be surprised how bored good professionals can get working in working big companies.

Your job can give them the freshness they want. Worst she can do is say “no”. There is a high probability that she’ll refer some one else who fits in.