Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steer your thoughts, Worry no more..

We don’t function well when we worry. Worry hinders our work and spoils our health. Being a habitual worrier, I decided to solve my problem and found for myself; three ways in which I can make my tensions disappear just by steering my thoughts in a particular direction.

Consider the following examples:

A cell of my body dies, another is born – does it make any difference to me? I will not even be aware of this death or for that matter, the birth.

In my lifespan, a second, a minute hardly matters; these are insignificant in the context of my lifetime.

Similarly, compare one’s self to the universe. A person is not significant enough to constitute even a speck of this universe, so huge are its dimensions. Even if I was no more the next minute, it will go on just the same.

Where is all this discussion heading? What has all this got to do with worry?

-When you are worried about your job, some work place problem, a family quarrel, obstinate kids, the thoughts like the above will help you put these issues in perspective. You will realise that events like these are not of prime importance. They are trivial, a very tiny part of your life. Happy occasions and worries, victories and defeats keep occurring in everybody’s life. They are just one of the thousands of things which have already happened or will happen in the future and should be treated as such.

- When the worm called ‘worry’ starts eating into you, make some time to ponder over whether the worrisome incident will continue to bother you tomorrow, whether it would make a difference to your life a year from now. Why, ten years hence you may have forgotten this incident and if you do remember you may be having a good laugh over it. I surely have no idea about what worried me even five years ago. Deal with the problem at hand in the best way possible but don’t fret over it.

-“I complained that I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet.”
When I am upset over issues with a family member, I try to think of those people who have no families to speak of, orphaned children with no home and I am thankful that at least I have a family. If you have a problem with a colleague, don’t let it ruin your day. Spare a thought for the unemployed – desperate for work but unable to find one. Aren’t you the lucky one? When you worry over the size of your neighbour’s bungalow knowing very well that you cannot afford a bigger house yourself, think of the homeless who have made the pavements their home. And mind you, don’t gloat over these people for them, in spite of their problems may be happier than you. Instead think over what you can share with them.

I have successfully done away with my worrying habit by using any one of these ways. Good luck to you too!

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